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Job Title: Regional Manager


Job Type: Full-time


Job Location: Blue Sparrow Coffee – multi-location

  • 3070 Blake St., Ste 180, Denver, CO 80205

  • 1615 Platte St., Ste 135, Denver, CO 80202

  • New Location coming early 2023


Job Summary: The MS Coffee Regional Manager is responsible for overseeing all logistics and operations across all MS Coffee locations and brands. The Regional Manager must be highly organized, dependable, self-motivated, and passionate about delivering an outstanding experience. 


The MS Coffee Regional Manager will report directly to the Operating Partner for all job duties and responsibilities and will work closely with People Ops in relation to all staff matters, including recruiting, hiring, compensation and culture. 


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


Daily Operations

  • Overseeing the daily operations of all businesses owned and operated by MS Coffee 

  • Inventory management – ensuring that all inventory is carefully ordered and optimal for delivery of services, while minimizing waste and ensuring freshness of products. Ensuring that all inventory is accurately tracked or counted for financial record keeping.

  • Ensure cleanliness, organization, and attractiveness of stores’ interior and exterior

  • Manage with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promotes company values

  • Ensure that all staff are trained in daily sales and cash handling accountability and policies/procedures

  • Working closely with People Ops  to ensure that individual baristas are trained, and all team members are greeting, engaging, and communicating with all customers. Ensure that all baristas are focusing on fast, friendly, individualized attention towards each customer

  • Together with People Ops set and maintain a high energy and positive atmosphere where baristas and customers feel safe from harm or harassment

  • Set up training protocols to ensure that all staff members are trained in and always following local and state health department guidelines

Staff Management

  • Ensure that the business needs and projected growth for each store is shared with People Ops  and assist People Ops in developing a plan for full staffing of each location

  • Support the People Ops in their efforts to recruit and hire top quality baristas and staff 

  • Together with People Ops develop and execute systems, processes, and standards for the training of baristas and staff to perform to the level required by the brands

  • As needed, assist People Ops to ensure that staff orientation of newly hired baristas is completed on their first day of work

  • Provide input to People Ops regarding performance of individual staff to assist with their mentoring for development and progress, including into leadership roles

  • Collaborate with People Ops and the Operating Partner to identify leadership talent within the team and set individual growth plans to grow leaders from within the company

  • Support People Ops in their work to execute innovative team events and foster a strong team culture

  • Collaborate with People Ops to discipline and terminate, if necessary, any underperforming or problematic staff

  • Oversee staff scheduling at all locations, ensuring adequate coverage of opening hours with the ability to cover shifts themselves if necessary. 


Financials and Budgets

  • Work with the Operating Partner and the Chief Financial Officer to develop annual operating budgets for each location

  • Oversee and manage the financial performance of each of the locations and ensure financial performance meets or exceeds budget to the extent possible

  • Ensure compliance with all financial controls applicable to MS Coffee

  • Ensure all ordering systems are efficient and vendor invoicing accurate

  • Work closely with support functions at MAINSPRING to ensure smooth functioning of HR and Accounting for accounts payable 

  • Ensure that all invoices, credit card reports, and expense reports are properly reconciled and submitted for payment weekly



  • Maintain outstanding, high value relationships with vendors and external partners

  • Together with the Mainspring Brand Experience Manager & Operating Partner, maintain high quality brand reputations via social media, websites, articles, and reviews

  • Together with People Ops maintain a safe and comfortable environment for guests and employees at all times


Skills and Experience:
A minimum of five years’ experience as a manager for a high-quality coffee shop with high customer service standards and/or related experience and training.

  • Ability to lead excellent customer service, with a passion for quality and attention to detail

  • Proven ability to build a strong and well-developed store team

  • A working knowledge of Food Division Standards and Best Practices and Health and Safety requirements

  • Strong knowledge of budgets, budgetary control and financials

  • Strong problem solving and creative skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions based on accurate and timely analyses

  • High level of integrity and dependability with a strong sense of urgency and results-orientation

  • Highly organized and self-motivated 

  • Approachable, presentable, professional

  • Able to work remotely when necessary and willingness to travel

  • Hard working team player with a positive, can-do attitude 

  • Flexible and willing to work long and sometimes erratic hours

  • Able to take creative direction and quickly implement new programs and material

  • Empathic in personal and professional life

  • Strong initiative. Able to identify problems or areas for improvement and quickly implement solutions without direction 



  • $50,000- $75,000 per year, based on experience



  • Eligible for $401k and company match

  • Eligible for Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage

  • Paid Vacation 

  • Paid Sick Leave

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