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Our Sustainability Report will showcase our impact on our community and environment through the initiatives we are taking to reduce our footprint. Our report will be coming soon. In the meantime, learn more about our Single-Use Initiative that will support our Sustainability Fund.


- January 1st 2022 -


At Blue Sparrow Coffee we want to ensure our products are complimenting the hard work of our baristas while adding no unnecessary harm to the communities they travel to. That’s why we are introducing a slight switch to your Blue Sparrow Coffee run. 100% of the Single-Use Initiative will go towards the progression of Blue Sparrow Coffee’s Sustainability Fund.

$0.10 per single-use cup will go towards our Sustainability Fund, used to continue moving the needle with innovative and exciting initiatives that support our people and the planet. So relax, stay a while and enjoy the hard work of our baristas served in our in-house glassware, or bring a to-go cup of your own.

With your help, we will reduce the number of single-use products going to our landfills while raising funds to take on large-scale sustainability initiatives across our Blue Sparrow locations.

Know Before You Go:

- Guests will be charged $0.10 for each single-use cup ordered

- Each charge on your order will be displayed on your receipt

- You are now contributing to the future of sustainability at Blue Sparrow Coffee!

We believe we have always done the best we could, and this is just the first step in building our company's transparency.

We're currently expanding on our annual reports that will outline issues that are important to us and how we're doing regardless of how it reflects on us, positively or negatively. Check back for future updates as transparency and doing the right thing will forever be an ongoing project.