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We have always believed in doing the right thing whether it's providing a great product for a great value, sourcing products from reputable partners, providing benefits for our employees or paying them fairly. This page is dedicated to highlighting what's important to us and if we're doing good job at it or have room for improvement. 


Our Equity Report showcases who we are as a company and how we impact our employees and community. Interact with our graphic below that highlights the Demographics, Wages, Benefits and Community Impact.

Photo Feb 07, 6 58 44 PM_edited_edited.jpg

Our “sustainability” journey is well documented across our "Sustainability" Report with a deep dive into our waste streams, energy use, water consumption, and other subject areas specific to the coffee industry.

We believe we have always done the best we could, and this is just the first step in building our company's transparency report. We're currently expanding on our annual transparency report that will outline issues that are important to us and how we're doing regardless of how it reflects on us, positively or negatively. Check back for future updates as transparency and doing the right thing will forever be an ongoing project

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