We have always believed in doing the right thing whether it's providing a great product for a great value, sourcing products from reputable partners, providing benefits for our employees or paying them fairly. This page is dedicated to highlighting what's important to us and if we're doing good job at it or have room for improvement. 


The people of Denver have spoken, and as of January 1st 2022 the new tipped minimum wage will be $15.87 for hourly employees, and $12.85 for tipped employees. Before this was voted into law we asked our customers what they thought and 80% said they support $15 / hr. minimum wage. We then asked a follow up question asking what they would be willing to pay, 76% said they would pay .50 or more per drink in order to pay our baristas accordingly. We currently pay $10.55 / hr. or $2.47 more per hour than the tipped minimum wage along with tips that average much higher than the industry average. 

This is what our customers, our neighbors, and our baristas want, and we don't see any reason to wait until 2022 to give them what they want. Effective January 1st 2020 we will be paying a minimum of $12.85 per hour plus tips for all of our hourly employees. In order to fund this while still maintaining a sustainable business we have increased our prices 11%. Some items have gone up as high as .75 with the majority being around .50 and a few select items not changing. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.

We believe we have always done the best we could, and this is just the first step in building our company's transparency report. We're currently building an annual report that will outline issues that are important to us and how we're doing regardless of how it reflects on us, positively or negatively. Living wage, gender pay gap, diversity, and many other targeted topics will be coming to this page in 2020.

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